Connie Boley-Lilly
Soo glad that Beckley now has a real seafood restaurant. The food is absolutely delicious. The servings are very generous. The friendly atmosphere and folks that are proud of their restaurant and happy to be serving Beckley make this a great addition to our town. Great food and experience... we will be back..often.
Lisa Painter
We tried both the fried and grilled fish and shrimp. Both versions were great! The homemade tartar sauce is perfect!!
Tim Schratt
I’ve been traveling to Beckley West Virginia for over six years. Stopped by this place that I found out just opened up. The fish was fried in front of me..... amazing job! Fish was great ! Shrimp was great! Highly recommend this location.
Ruby Ann
We came here on Sunday and everyone was so nice and the food was exceptional !
Jeff Ingram
The food was good. The price was average. But a 2 piece fish dinner will fill you up. They give you large portions. I was a little skeptical going in and left fish frenzy very impressed. The only negative I could come up with is the music they had playing.
Krystal Akers
Went here with some of my coworkers and had the fried chicken sandwich and fries and WOW! It was so delicious. Will definitely be back!
My whole family loved this place!! The food is delicious all perfectly seasoned! I love the peppers and onions you get with grilled food. Everything grilled and fried is a good choice, we tried both! The shrimp are jumbo so they do not disappoint at all. This place is my new favorite! It seriously reminded me of stuff we would cook at home instead of bland flavorless food covered in grease and flower you get at most other places. My only wish is that they had more tables. I have been so sick of restaurants that don’t season their food to try to cater to people who don’t like real food. This will be my new favorite place thanks to all the grilled options.